Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Back in the Music Saddle Again

I know most of you think this is a real computer however to me It's a monster. 

 My "real" computer is in the shop for general updating "cleaning" and repairs to damaged "Rams".  Not sure what that means however I'm sure my Geek Squad does and that's the main thing.

I am not very comfortable with My Lap top.  My Hands and fingers get in the way of my brain!  That's supposed to be funny.  It's ok to laugh. OK or not...
This is the home of my "Real" Computer.  My work requires a messy environment to work properly.
I am starting an arrangement of : " Take my hand Precious Lord",  I'm using my new Martin..  It's a very good guitar, I like it's sound.

Linda downloaded this picture trying to teach me how to download pictured.  Don't let the contented look fool you.  I'm still waiting on  a call from my Geek friends about my computer.  Does take time, so glad I have them.

 Rain canceled our trip to Dean and Sherry's ranch .  We will go when the weather will let us in without getting stuck.
Short blog because I am in the learning stage using a laptop.  Sometimes I think It doesn't like me very much...Stay tuned please..

We picked our grandchildren up from school yesterday.  They were delightful, as usual, never a dull moment when any one of the four are around. They are all sweethearts and full of love.

Later on in the evening Kailey put on quite a show for us...

Talk about cute..

I'll say goodnight for now, I'm starting to work on my new old song...

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Vacation states, New guitar

Vacation States, New guitar

While vacation in Canada,  Oregon, and Washington, I was trying to find a new guitar because it wasn't practical to bring one on the plane or boat.

We visited with a charming lady in Rockaway Beach, Oregon and enjoyed great music and great food. The lunch she made for us was delicious. Thank you very much Phyllis.

I found a Martin guitar in an Oregon pawn shop and it turned to be a very good one.  It was in
new condition.

 I was very pleased to find a guitar with a sound a little different from my other Martins.
The sound of this guitar reminded me of the sound of a Taylor.  I was pleased with the sound
and bought it.  The label said:  made in Mexico.  My guitars, I think, were made in PA.

It was a surprise to see a Martin without position markers on the fretboard.  It was made in Mexico however I'm pleased with the sound of the  instrument.  
The body was rounded on the edges as one can see on the pictures below.   

  All my Martins are flush with the sides.not beveled. 

I am happy with the sound.
If anyone has a better  understanding of this type of guitar or "Made in Mexico, Please let me know.

This "new Martin's" first, well maybe second road trip  will be to the nursing home trip where I will play a few songs for friends.
Goodnight from My Music Land to Yours

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Memories and Music

Hello Old Time Music Lovers!

 The following picture was taken a few years ago.  I think this represents us very well.

     Don't know exactly where I'm headed with my story, but here goes.  My loving wife, as you will hear a lot from and about, is very important to my music life.  I like to explore the old songs of artists like Waylon Jennings, especially  the songs that were not great hits but were great love songs like Falling in or Out of Love.
     Let me introduce my loving wife of 13 years.  Linda becomes my audience after I believe I've learned the song well enough to be comfortable playing in a jam session if available.  She is very patient with my progress.

I do like my Shiner beer in a mug.

Jimmy and Cleda Driftwood Morris

      This is a picture of two of the nicest and most interesting people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.It all started in the late 1980's  My grandchildren and I were going to Arkansas during the summer months and studying music.  My sister told me that my music hero, Jimmy Driftwood, was in Mountain View, Arkansas. She also told of meeting Jimmy and Cleda and what nice and friendly people they were. I included finding them in my plans for the summer .
     In the interest of OLD TIMERS  like me, Jimmy Driftwood wrote: The Battle of New Orleans,  The Tennessee Stud and many other songs about the Civil War and about the history of the Great United States of America.  He told stories in song about the American Civil War, as the history of our great country, without favoring the North or South.  These were great stories in song about a great country that had some growing up to do and is still in the process of becoming even greater.
     Jimmy Driftwood Morris was a school superintendent/ teacher and a master story teller.  He told me that he wrote the songs mainly to teach  his students history.  We spent a lot of time talking about folk music during the years I knew him. One could not tell easily which songs or poems he wrote and the ones he learned by studying folk music. I would have loved to have been his student during my college days.

     Jimmy Driftwood  won this award, "Song of the Year" for 1959.   As a young man interested in folk music, he influenced me greatly.  I still love folk, gospel and old time country music.

      I regularly listen and study his voice and songs. As my friend, Jimmy Driftwood entered 88+ years of age I heard him play The Battle of New Orleans several times at the Jimmy Driftwood Barn Jam Sessions.  It was a great honor and experience.  My pleasure was shared by his audience and the wonderful people who shared the stage.

Back in the Music Saddle Again

I know most of you think this is a real computer however to me It's a monster.   My "real" computer is in th...